Declutter Like a Princess:

Imagine yourself as a princess, ruling over your kingdom with grace and elegance. Now, declutter your space with the same regal mindset. Ask yourself, “Would a princess keep this?” Let’s be deliberate about what we keep and what we let go of. Focus on releasing what no longer serves you—whether it’s broken, unused. Focus on letting go of what doesn’t give you joy to look at.

Become a Joy Sucker Detective:

Let’s uncover the joy suckers lurking. These are the items that make us feel bad, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed in any way. From broken objects to reminders of past relationships, it’s time to say goodby to anything that does not serve us. As we release these joy suckers, we become aware of things that normally we might keep otherwise and make room for positivity and possibility.

The Joy Sucker Treasure Hunt:

In this video we set out on Joy Sucker Treasure Hunt, exploring our living spaces for things that we normally might keep, but looking at it this way helps us to see things that we normally would keep and now might see differently.

Another joy sucker treasure hunt was directed to areas of our life we wanted to change. By reflecting on aspect2 of our life that needs transformation we can think about what part of our home is connected to that area and declutter there to open it up to higher energies.

Get into Character:

Next we will step into the role of a character who embodies impeccable organization and determination where living in order is concerned. Notice how adopting this persona influences how you see clutter and move along energetically while doing the jobs we need to do at home. Doing this allows you to be a mover and a shaker to get things done!

Start Tracking:

I’ve added a goal tracking system. Set specific goals for yourself and choose the appropriate tracking chart to monitor your progress. These charts will keep you motivated and accountable. Remember, tracking your goals is a powerful tool for success—celebrate your achievements and keep pushing forward.

The Princess Project is a way to see clutter and our stuff in a different light. If we think we have the opportunity to change something we’ve wanted to change, to improve ourselves in some way it gives different motivation to get the jobs done and brings another reason to do what we need and want to do. As you release the joy suckers and embrace intentional living, you’ll unleash your inner princess and create a life that is elevated, a new standard, fit for royalty.

Join me on this fun journey, and let’s make change how we approach cleaning up and delctuttering so we have more time to do the things that make for a fun life.

With Love,
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