I received a question inside the Facebook group where I have been doing live videos.

Alisia wrote to me asking me what to do about the papers that have accumulated due to unfortunate events that took place due to covid. She lost a guest house and there were emotional issues attached to the paperwork and financial issues she didn’t want to deal with and asked me how she could sort it out.

All paper piles that are hanging around, are hanging around because we’d rather avoid them.

Avoiding them just makes them grow and the bigger and then they get the more intimidating and it becomes a vicious cycle adding to the stress.

I have a super-easy way to deal with decluttering paper piles. We need to take the emotion out of it.

Emotional clutter can be some of the most paralyzing chores to tackle. But with a little plan, we can become paper clutter-free. We can have the ability to chip away and then maintain incoming papers.

I have a way to tackle all the papers in the house all at one time.

* Grab each pile, wrap it up with twine or string, or yard or a rubber band.
* Name the pile.
* Put the pile in an apple box (you can get them from the produce department of a grocery store)
* Put the lid on the box and put it somewhere in the house.
* Determine how often and for how long you will go through papers in that box.
* Open the box, set a timer, take a package, and go through the pile until the timer goes off.
* Do this as often as you have determined to until it’s empty.

I get into how to deal with the emotional portion of the paperwork that is attached to us in the video.

Let me know what you think and if you try this method of dealing with papers.

The Tidy TUtor