Many people don’t need motivation to get stuff done, just the fact that it has to be done is motivation enough for them. But for us, we need a motivator. Having something that motivates us helps us immensely to stick to the mundane jobs in life.

I believe what I share today in this video is a great motivator…

What if the things that we want to happen in our lives aren’t happening because of the clutter? What if getting rid of clutter can move us forward in areas we’ve been struggling with forever?

I’m not talking about the obvious things like we can’t have friends over, we can’t find anything, life is confusing and it causes us stress, but the not-so-obvious things. The energy behind the mess and excess that affects the parts of our lives that bring joy and fulfillment.

I am a self-help seeker and I can tell you that every course I’ve taken had anything to do with self-improvement and nothing to do with getting organized started with decluttering.

Everything gives off something and the energy behind the mess can be keeping you from the success that you want in life. Whether it’s with relationships, finance, or fitness, we can dedicate taking care of specific spaces in our home to specific needs that we have.

It’s been proven that everything gives off energy. What kind of energy is vibrating from the clutter? What can those spaces be transformed to?!

If you want help making a plan and creating a routine that will help you get to the clutter CLICK HERE!  to find out more and get started today!

Let me know what you think of the video!

With Love,