This video was done for those of you who have kids and need to prepare for back to school.

I did this video back in 2012 and covid was not a thought and no one would have considered that kids would ever not be going to school come September…  

So given our current circomstances, it may be that you would not invest in as much as you would have in the past because of the uncertainty, but we are in unfamiliar territoy and this video may help you to feel better about NOT getting what we normally do.  Step back and take a new look at the Back to School tradition we’ve become accustomed to.

Since here in the United States, Labor Day is coming up next week, and with that comes a mad dash to prepare for school this video is timely.

I used to go school clothes shopping for my children at the end of August and got everything the kids would need. Sweaters, jeans, socks, sneakers, long sleve shirts, you name it, I got it.

I realized later on that it was soooooo not necessary. They can wear what they have the first month. Even up north in the US where it is warm up until the beginning of October they can get by with their summer thigns.

And as far as the supplies… All teachers ask for different things. Showig up with a pad, pencil and pen is just fine! Maybe a book bag to carry the books home they’ll get and could be a good idea to have some book covers handy (if you don’t use brown paper bags).

I also mention how inappropiate it is to dress our kids in those new clothes regardlss of the weather. I can’ believ how often I would see kids with big bulky sweaters on and it was still sumer, jump in the pool weather. The poor things, I’m sure I was guilty of that too, but have blocked it out of my memory.

Sometimes I think we give ourselves more work than is necessary. This is one of those times.

Let me know what you think!


The Tidy Tutor