This blog and video is about the number one thing that you could do that is a game changer to live with more time and freedom, but it’s gonna feel counter-intuitive.

Here’s what it is. Are you ready? Do you first!

When you wake up, no matter what you’ve got on your plate, no matter what things are going on in your life that feel pressing and you feel that you have to get to, whether it be work or personal… Take care of you first! Get up, get yourself dressed and ready for the day, first… before you jump into whatever it is that is pressing on you to get to.

If you do jump into the thing that feels like ‘I got to get to this, and I got to get to it now!’ what ends up happening is the rest of the day you’re behind the eight ball. Nothing else goes smoothly. Everything else feels like a snag in your day.

I want you to try this. Dedicate yourself to this for just one week. Get yourself up, dressed, and ready for the day first thing. Now, this is something else too, I recommend that you get up 30 minutes before you actually have to.This gives you that little cushion that allows for peace in your life. This way, if there’s anything that comes across your path that is unexpected, which of course there are many of those that happen. It won’t take you off your game.

And then if it turns out that you have no unexpected anything that comes across your plate, you are so ahead of the game and will move on to the next portion of your day with ease.

Will you try this for the next 7 days? Get up 30 minutes before you have to and get yourself ready first thing no matter what seems to be the most important thing to get to first.

Let me know how you do and what you think about this!

With Love,
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