We don’t think of food till the last minute sometimes and the lack of planning in this regard is what makes an otherwise exciting time fall flat. Especially if we are invited out for a holiday and will be leaving home at some point, we don’t think that it’s necessary to shop for food since we won’t be home. But think about it, we are home for a while before we leave… I didn’t do this for years till I realized how this one simple plan of having some special things to eat and drink, made all the difference.

Even if you are traveling and will be home for Christmas morning, it can be disappointing when it’s just the same-old-same-old. Make a plan to have some special snacks in the house. Think of what might make each moment special, and if you’re traveling… think things through, get special things to eat for the trip.

It doesn’t have to be a big to-do, it could be as simple as toast and Tea with butter and jelly for breakfast. Some hot cocoa and a special beverage can elevate the experience and wrap it up with a bow. Be sure that you have all you need in the house… sugar, butter, hot cocoa, and cream for example…

Having snacks for when you are wrapping last-minute gifts is also fun. Don’t forget to pack some special things to eat for the trip you are taking while at the airport or in the car.

These things make the time more enjoyable and more special. It is the little things that we remember.

Let me know what you do!
PS. Here is the link to yesterday’s Christmas help (getting the house ready and some stuff done) video. http://thetidytutor.com/christmas-help/