Personal note: Technically speaking, it’s still the current week. Sunday is part of the week-END, which means it’s wrapping up the week.

I promised a video/blog each week, and I’m committed to sticking to that. But I want to explain something. While Tidy Tutor is a passion and a ministry for me, it’s also a business. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be juggling every task, but the truth is, it’s what I’m doing.

I’m figuring things out, and even after all these years, I’m learning how to balance everything. If that means I’m a bit behind on sending out emails once in a while, then that’s okay, for now at least. Having said that here is today’s blog…

Today, let’s dive into what I call “The Fun Factor” and the big differences between those who are organizationally gifted and those who are organizationally challenged.

Ever wondered why some homes are always spotless, no matter when you drop by? While some attribute it to a natural ‘gene’, there’s more to it.

The right-brained among us are motivated by fun, creativity, and spontaneity. They thrive on intuition, passion, and beauty. In contrast, the left-brained folks are task-oriented, decisive, and lean towards logic, strategy, and control.

While we love the spontaneity of our right-brained personality, sometimes being too lighthearted can be our downfall. We need strategies to help us stay on track and be organized without losing who we are on the inside.

Often, we tie our actions to our feelings. When faced with overwhelming emotions, our surroundings may reflect that chaos. We need triggers that aren’t adrenaline-based to motivate us into action.

So, I introduce to you bringing in fun elements to motivate us to move ahead with what we need to do but don’t want to. Breaking tasks into smaller bits is important, and even having familiar background entertainment (like movies we’ve watched in the past and know almost by heart) playing in the background while we’re working, can infuse joy and completion into mundane chores.

Do you resonate with these distinctions? How do you motivate yourself? Drop your experiences in the comments below!

Let’s embrace our unique brain-wiring and find joy in everyday tasks so that we will achieve what we need and want! 🧠✨🎨

With Love,
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