I share two videos in this blog. The first video is from 2012 when my daughter Emily was only 17. She is 27 now! That was 10 years ago as of this writing.

It has a TON of views on Youtube (over 74,000 to date).

It is a “Throw it out Thursday!”

For a while, I did a video every Thursday visiting family members’ homes. We go around tossing 21 things that they no longer needed or wanted anymore.

There is nothing profound in this video, just my girl throwing out 21 things from her incredibly messy bedroom.

In the video I let you know that my kids grew up with the tagging game. That is an invention of Pam Young and Peggy Jones.

Peggy’s husband was a police officer, he said if they didn’t tag abandoned cars left on the side of the road no one would take them away, but because there was a fine attached to it if left past a certain time, the owners showed up and did whatever was necessary to get the car off the road to avoid the fine.

Well, unconscious clutter is like an abandoned car. If there is no consequence for the mess it will be left there for someone else to worry about.

So Pam and Peggy came up with a variation of that to get their kids (and themselves and their spouses) to clean up after themselves.

Here is the video where I go over the tagging game and all the rules. It is part of The Tidy Tutor Masterclass.

I hope you find Emily’s video fun, light, and liberating. There is nothing wrong with you or your kid.

I also hope that you employ the tagging game and that you try it out and let me know how you did with it.

If your home is a mess it will be difficult to tag people, because there is too much stuff around to be sure who did what.

In The Tidy Tutor Masterclass, we don’t begin the tagging game until we change things at home. This comes about the 4th week into the course. After we’ve gotten the house de-junked and tidy we set this game up and it’s easy to enforce.

Let me help you get your house cleaned up and de-cluttered so you can begin implementing this game at your house and stop cleaning up after everybody else. CLICK HERE to register for The Tidy Tutor Masterclass.

Please know that you are amazing just as you are. It’s only new habits we need to form, nothing more, and then everything snaps into place.

So CLICK HERE and PAY WHAT YOU CAN for the course The Tidy Tutor Masterclass.

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