“Hurry up and slow down.” This is an exclusive Tidy Tutor principle and one of the foundational 12 habits in Tidy Tutor University.

I don’t talk about it often enough, although it is a foundational mainstay in my life and my life-changing course.

I’ve been reminded of how important this particular habit is as I traveled to South Carolina on Friday. Sometimes, when something is well known to us, we forget the profound impact it had for us upon being realized.

This trip’s timing, coupled with recent life changes and responsibilities, reminded me of its importance, and I am going to share more about it this week.

I’m letting you know now so that when my mind inevitably tells me it’s not as important as I think it is, I’ll ignore it and do what I know I need to do regardless—share about it.

So, as I settle in at my BFF’s house in South Carolina (she recently moved away from me) after reaching one of the destinations on this trip, I thank you in advance for caring to hear more.

With Love,
The Tidy Tutor

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