I’m super excited to introduce you to another segment of “The Princess Project,” a portion from our recent workshop, part of my monthly Inner Circle monthly meetings.

While you watch the video you will get stuff done as I give you our next Princess Project assignment along with motivation and inspiration.

From Last Week:

What is a joy sucker?

* Anything that makes you feel bad.
* Anything that gives you grief because it doesn’t work.
* Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
* Something from someone who passed away
* A gift you received that you don’t like.
* Something you have to mess with for it to work.
* Something from a painful previous relationship.
* Children’s belongings ha you know need to go.
* Something you bought that you couldn’t afford.

We want to identify what in your life you want or need to experience change
and think about what area of the house is connected with each.

You’re New WHY!

As I said in our previous video focusing on areas that are attached to a particular area of life will show a change in you which in turn will create a change in that area of your life.

What I’m hoping for is to add a level of “I WANT TO DO IT!” when we think about decluttering and doing all of the work that has to be done, starting with waking up!

Let’s see all we do as an energetic focus, with the potential to make the changes we want in our lives, and not a chore.

Can we get excited about getting up in the morning to get started the way we did when going on a school trip or Christmas morning because we have made ourselves a project!

New way of looking at being organized

I wanted us to tackle a new way of looking at making changes and doing the work.
Let’s declutter and clean up as a strategy to make the changes in all areas of life that we want to change…

Making upgrades and changes at home will directly affect the results we get when wanting life to go well, when wanting a goal to happen for us, and add to the happiness factor… it will also help us with motivation while decluttering and keeping to our routine and keep us successfully moving ahead in the direction we’ve wanted to go in because it’s not just about getting the house cleaned up. By doing this we’ve attached something to it that will make a difference in our lives.

Part 3 – Upgrading – Three Joy Suckers at a time…

Some Examples:

Love interest relationship – Bedroom (think sheets, bedding, room decluttered and clean, pajamas, panties/underwear, self- care, hair, nails, skin, getting enough alone time for you, girl time (guy time)…

Relationships with family – Self-care, alone time for you, girl time (guy time, Kitchen dejunking, living area dejunking, entranceway dejunking, car care.

Finance – Office area, desk day, including creating a budget, wallet dejunking, purse
dejunking, receipt clean up, taking a course

Self Care – Makeup, personal grooming things, wardrobe/closet dejunking, bathroom, hair, nails, pjs, undies, car care, invest in self, use luxury items.

A few other ideas:

* Clean your good china and use it. Or just the cups to have tea or coffee and a snack next time, and often.
* Dejunk your sheets, use a good set to make your bed with, wash your bedding, and freshen it up.
* Get rid of ratty pajamas and replace them with others that make you feel good (we only need 2 pairs, really)
* Commit to the bathroom swish and take a bath with a candle lit, once in a while. (scheduled, though, so you’ll do it)
* Get rid of all the toiletries you don’t use and have gunk on them. Keep only what you love.

Download the workbook by clicking HERE. It will help you to actually DO THIS and not have it be another one of those things that you wanted to do but never did.

Let me know what you think!!!

The Tidy Tutor