This week, we’re diving into the theme of keeping our houses clean and tidy on a regular basis. I’ve got two essential tips to share with you today that will make a world of difference.

First up, let’s talk about the ‘it goes where it goes’ habit. You know when you have something in your hand, it should find its way back to where it belongs. Keys, jackets, shoes, and even your pocketbook, all have designated spots!

But I get it! Sometimes we struggle with finding places for everything. That’s where the second tip comes in. I want you to create a spot for the things you often search for, like glasses, earbuds, chargers, shoes, and pens. Having specific places saves you tons of time and keeps the house neat effortlessly.

Seems ridiculously simple, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that are the most profound.

Imagine never having to hunt for your purse or keys again!

If you can, install some hooks by the entrance and put your keys and purse there the second you walk in. But if you can’t do that, find a spot nearby where you can put them every time.|

Now, let’s talk glasses! I bet you’ve misplaced them a few times, just like me. So, how about having a designated spot for them in every room? Your house will stay tidy because everything goes where it’s supposed to and with your new habit, it will before it leaves your hand every time. It becomes almost effortless to keep the house organized when you do this.

And here’s a fun story from my “slob days” past. Remember the show, Lassie? There was this episode where little Timmy asked his mom where the pens and paper were. Her response was golden! – “Timmy?… Where the pens and paper go.” Brilliant, right LOL?

I took inspiration from that and created a special cabinet in my kitchen for my kids when they were younger. They could easily access construction paper, pens, and markers whenever they needed them. So practical, so organized, and so easy!

Now, let’s talk about shoes! If you live with others, there are a lot of shoes! You don’t need to worry about what your friend, sister, mother, or aunt thinks about this. Find a nice big basket to toss all those shoes in. Trust me, it’s way better to spend a few seconds searching for a missing shoe in the basket than tearing the whole house apart, and they have a specific place for them to go, keeping everything neat and clutter-free.

This next tip works wonders for kids going to school. Put up a double hook for each kid and a smallish basket beneath it (big enough for shoes/sneakers, gloves/mittens and anything else they’ve got that is not hook worthy). It keeps things in order, stops the crazy searching for things, and they’ll know exactly where to put their stuff when they’re done.

For homeschoolers, have a medium to large-ish size basket for each kid and have them put their things in there when they’re done. Even if you have a forever spot for things, it keeps the house tidy until the day is over, and then everything can go back into its proper place at the end of it.

I challenge you to apply these ideas to everything we do around the house. Whether it’s knitting, crocheting, or any other craft, reading, journaling, office-ish type work… find a pretty wicker basket or decorative box to keep your things in. Keep each one where you usually work, or play as the case may be 😊.

It may sound simple, but these small changes will make a huge impact on your home’s tidiness and your peace of mind.

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With Love,

Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor
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