I did this video back in May 2012 when my daughter Emily had just attended the Senior Prom. I thought it would be great to re-share today, as it holds true to the theme we’ve been running with: “minimalism.”

Have you ever noticed that we keep things while we are so upset about having a cluttered house? We can call these things sentimental clutter or clutter keepsakes.

I can understand having that keepsake that we feel so attached to, but one thing I could never understand was why people kept dead flowers. We call them “dried flowers,” but really they are just dead.

You know the ones I mean… Corsages from a prom, the bouquet from your wedding, a rose your son gave you when he was five for Mother’s Day.

And these flowers hold prominent places in our homes. In a vase in our china closet, lying on its side on a dresser, and in a bud vase in the kitchen. But… they are covered in cobwebs and dust, have fallen over and behind something, and have turned such an odd color that there is no name for it.

Why do we keep these? I say take a picture of the dead freaking thing and put it in a scrapbook. Or get your five-year-old who is now 35 and take a picture with him and the crusty, dusty, once long-stemmed rose, smiling together, arm in arm.

Let’s get a different perspective on the stuff we feel so dedicated to and get our homes how we dream they could be.

Much love to you!