This is an email I sent out this week, (July 17, 2023, to be exact) I thought it should be on my website. I would love it if you commented and let me know your thoughts.

OK, I have to tell you first that this feels weird… but I’m writing it anyway. I hope you’ll read this, and I hope that it matters to you LOL :). It’s 6 a.m., well now it’s after 10… because I’m still not done writing…

This email is not a planned communication. It is what the subject box says, “From the heart.” If I could call you and talk, I would, but I can’t, so this is the next best thing…

I sent out 2 emails to you last week and I was unsure on what to do because I told you that I would have a new program for you that week, but it still wasn’t ready.

I asked a friend how I could incorporate in those emails that the new program I had talked about still wasn’t ready to share, and she said not to mention it; it would just be confusing, and no one would probably notice.

This weekend, I received a letter in the mail, not an email, an actual letter, letting me know that she was so excited about the new program and couldn’t wait to hear about it.

I have learned that one handwritten complaint or praise carries the weight of 1,000. This number may be even higher in our age of easy information sharing. I don’t have exact figures, but I do know that it feels wrong to mention something and then pretend as if I never said it.

So, having said all of that, I want to let you know that, in case you are one of those who cared, I’m letting you know what is going on.

I want to provide more support at a more affordable fee compared to my one-on-one help. This is not only because of the affordability factor but also because being part of a group and making connections is essential. It’s crucial for us to have a space where we can find support, a sense of belonging, and the presence of others who are on a similar journey.

Also, I know the struggle! Not only with clutter and mess but also having a desire to change and not being able to stick to it. It’s not only an organizationally challenged person’s problem; it is a universal problem. Anytime you see a perfectly organized, overweight, unfit person, you see someone who can’t make something happen that they want to.

So, here is what I’m up to, and I hope to get it to you this week!

First, my “7-Step Decluttering Success!” video course. I came up with it during the covid lockdowns when I received a question on Facebook about how to stay focused when decluttering and not getting sidetracked with things that come up during the process.

I’m offering it for only $27.00, and it’s a complete DIY workshop with prompts to stop the recording to get the assignments done. But I want to give you more than that.

I’m opening up Tidy Tutor Insiders again… That DIY Course will be included, but not only that. We will work on it together; we will have co-working sessions to execute all that we’ve planned.

I am devising a way for us to be connected with each other and with those doing this work in real time… Here are some of the particulars:

* Ongoing personalized group help
* Themed months with a mini-course every month to help you achieve a specific end goal. (Our first one will be 7 steps to declutter success, working through it together and then showing up all month to report on progress, and I’ll provide co-working time)
* Hot-seat meetings where members (who wish to) can be featured to get real-time help with a specific problem.
* The Tidy Tutor Master Class will be included!
* Every 1/4 we will do a Tidy Tutor BootCamp to review, refresh and recommit!
* Also group voting on what you want to cover throughout the year.

OK, so that’s that… Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts please!

With so much love and respect!