During a Facebook Live Video I did today I answered a question from Darlene.

She asked me for advice on how to prepare to sell her home. She wanted to put it on the market in 6 months.

So, in this video, I talk about:
*How to declutter for a move.
*How to decide on what to get rid of.
*Where to begin in your home.
*What questions you should ask yourself while you’re deciding on what you want to take.
*What question to ask yourself regarding the shape your home is in for a stress-free move.

Most of us know that every real estate professional suggests minimizing everything in the space before showing it so we know that decluttering is a must. But not only for the resale value but also for your sanity.

You want to only take with you what you love, need, and will use.

Selling a home and moving are emotional experiences, it brings up a lot of the past, good and bad.

It can bring up feelings of regret, and fear and it’s even exciting, and believe it or not, excitement often feels like fear, so the entire experience can be very confusing and overwhelming. Feeling in control can cut all of that considerably.

The things that we own can hold us back and keep us stuck because often the things we own belonged to a different season of our lives. It’s important to address each thing as we’re considering packing it with us or leaving it behind.

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