The holidays are coming up soon and most people have already begun shopping for Christmas and Hanukah gifts.

We want to give things that people will really like of course, but let’s face it…

If the person you are giving a gift to, is Organizationally Giften and they don’t love what you gave them, they will either throw it out, re-gift it, donate it or it will end up on a garage sale table.

If you are giving to an Organizationally Challenge person, you are just cluttering up their lives with more stuff.

Don’t do it! They will agonize over getting rid of it or it will just become more white noise (clutter) in their home. Or it will be something else they own shoved somewhere out of the way contributing to their feeling like they can’t win!

If you are going to give a gift why not consider cash, or gift certificates, or an experince? You can be really creative with giving cash and I have one exaple of how I did it!

I did this several years ago and it was so fun! I got the idea from a dvd that Pam You offered called, “Everybody Loves Money!” 

You can get lots of ideas from Pam when you click HERE.

This is what I did: I took fortune cookies (one at a time) and put them in the microwave for about 10 seconds. When you take them out, they are soft and you can open them up. Then I took out the fortune and replace it with another one molding the cookie back to shape.

I have a son who can be kind of a hot head at times, he gets angry a little too easily. So I thought it would be funny to tell him that I got him WISDOM for Christmas, and I asked him to open the gift I gave him with an open mind. I said this very seriously.

I had the fortune cookies in a little chinese food takeout box with a sticker that I printed out on it which read: “YouDontHaveToBeAngry.Com”.

I put stupid advise about not being angry in some of them as “fortunes” on the top so they were the first few he opened… and there were some with cash inside sprinkled in.

A few $20 dollar bills, some $10s a couple of 5’s, enough to make it fun to open them up… BUT I had all the $$ cookies on the bottom of the box.

The first few he opened said, “Don’t get angry all the time, it isn’t good for you!”

While I was sitting there saying, “Please Mike, listen to these words, they will help you, it’s because I love you that I got this gift for you.”

Of course he was getting mad as he was seeing what I got him, asking me, “Mom! Are you kidding me? How much did you spend on this crap?! These people ripped you off!”

Of course it was so funny when he began to see that money was in some of the cookies, and realized that it was all a joke…

Anyway, that is one idea to give cash. I know you can think of other creative ways to give money especially with Pan’s help!

This blog is just a reminder to think before you buy. Ask what people want or need and then, get what they suggested 🙂  Remember even the Organizationally Gifted Person has too much stuff and will appreciate getting things that they will use… 

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Much Love to You!

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