For this Throw it Out Thursday I am at my sister Maria’s house. This was deep in the archives 🙂 Emily is in it too, She was only 17! She’s 26 now! 

Lots has changed since then, but there is one thing that NEVER CHANGES! We’ve always gotta keep up with our stuff.

My sister Maria has her sh#! together and I wanted to show you that those who live super uncluttered lives get rid of stuff on a regular basis.

  • Stuff comes into the house that we don’t want, it just sneaks in lol.
  • If we’ve gone to a party we often come home with things that are of no use to us.
  •  Stuff breaks and becomes garbage and we don’t notice.
  •  Stuff becomes obsolete when we get an upgrade.
  • We tear a shirt or stain a pair of pants and those items of clothing just reamians in our drawers or closets.
  • We have things that we just don’t need anymore.
  • We’ve gotten gifts that we don’t like…
  • On a regular basis, stuff we once wanted turnes into things that we just don’t want anymore.

Make it a habit, every Thursday, to go around the house and search for 21 things to get rid of!

The reason I chose the number 21 is because 7 is the number for spiritual perfection and 3 is the number for complete (in The Bible). 7×3=21 So, and so, there you go!  

Comment and let me know if you’ve done this! Let me know what I can do for you. How can I help you live a more organized life?

With so much love,
Kathy Roberts
The TIdy TUtor
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