If you haven’t noticed, I have recently updated my website.
I am currently going over blogs from the past to re-post so that the blog section of the site is tidy and organized.

Here is a blast from the past Throw it out Thursday (AKA TIOT) at my daughter Katies apartment.

Katie makes piles.

Things she will probably throw it out or use to give to someone when they come by and need to leave with something, or what you might want to take out with you and not care of you take it back home wiht you.

Here is her categories: Wallets, Duffles, Freebies, Give aways, garbage, things that are no longe functional/broken, fashion bag, formal, fanny packs.

Some things that she KNOWS she loves and is going to keep won’t go in a pile, it will just get put away.

This was 2013, and even though it was 8 years to the date of this re-release it is still relevant.

She goes over her reasons WHY she is keeping things, or trashing things.

The video is an actual go through purses in the closet.

If you have to go through your purses and want to declutter them, pop on this video and do it along with us.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for being in my world.



The Tidy Tutor