This is a new habit to incorporate in your life. It is called “The Do it Now” habit.

Us OCP (Organizationally Challenged People) have a warped perception of time, we think everything is going to take too long and so we say “I’ll do it later,” will the best intentions to get to it!

No matter what any of your spaces look like, no matter how the clutter or mess appears, it is super important to begin the “Do it Now Habit!” anyway.

This will help you incorporate a new more productive way of doing things while you keep the mess at bay.

So while you are working on getting it together and implementing new behaviors the house will remain as is, the mess won’t have any babies or get any worse.

So, even if there is a sink full of dishes, wash the dish you just used.

If the kitchen counter is cluttered and needs to be cleaned and you just made a sandwich, clean up everything you used to make that sandwich.

Put the mayo away, put the bread away, wash the knife you used, toss any garbage associated with it.

When you leave the bathroom after a shower hang up the towel you just used, put away the brush and blow dryer and take the clothes you took off out with you, no matter what kind of a mess your bathroom is in, practice the “Do it Now Habit”.

Watch the video, it is super helpful in understanding what circumstances this “Do it Now” habit incorporates as well as giving motivation needed to actually DO what you’re learning.

Let me know what you think!

The Tidy Tutor