This blog and video was done in August 2012, it still holds so much relevance for today.

My daughters, Katie and Emily and I, we’re heading out to the mall, I was having a conversation with Katie that I thought was super relevant for Throw it out Thursday, so I got it done on the road.

Katie was telling me about something that she was doing…

Throwing out the expectations she had from other people because having these expectations from others was causing her some grief… I thought that would be a great Throw it Out Thursday.

It does link in to being disorganized because it ties into inactivity.

Katie said, when people don’t meet her expectations it puts her in a mental state where she becomes sad or even a little depressed ad then gets into a slump.
She has found that instead of doing the things she’s supposed to be doing she obsesses over what she thought SHOULD have happened, and find’s herself eating a bowl of ice cream in bed catching up on old episodes of The Office instead of doing the laundry that’s been piling up in the corner.

It becomes an excuse to not do things.

Katie said, “It’s a feeling that’s not even fair, because I shouldn’t have to feel that way, but I’m upset that they’re not meeting my needs. It sounds silly but [I found that] everybody does it.”

Katie tells us what she’s done about it.

She writes down each expectation that someone else is not fulfilling in her life, things that are bringing her down, any kind of emotion that is not a positive emotion.

Then she finds a specific verse in her bible where God fulfills that expectation. She takes that expectation from that person, forgives them for not fulfilling it for her, throws it away and replaces it with a promise that God has made to her from The Bible.

If you’re not a Christian, it still can work for you. Replace your expectation with a different thought, of yourself, of The Universe, of what you believe good can come to you.

Because words have power, thoughts have power. So many books have been written about that very thing… What you believe you receive.
– “Think and Grow Rich”
– “The Secret”
– “The Master Key”

In my book, “Finally Organized” I have an entire chapter about forgiveness. I’ll copy and paste it here:

“Forgiving doesn’t mean, what has been done was OK. Forgiveness means to let go of, I’m not going to hold onto this anymore.

Holding onto things that people have done to us, puts us in a position where our hands are tied.  Some of the things that were done people can’t even pay back. We can say, I refuse to hold onto this anymore.“

So for this Throw it out Thursday we are throwing out expectations we have of other people that are not being met and taking control of our lives, empowering ourselves to have those expectations from God and from ourselves even.

We are also allowing ourselves to stop the inactivity that happens because we’re in a slump ❤️