Sometimes we think we can’t finish a job because we don’t have the time that we think we’ll need to get it done so we don’t start.

Other times we feel overwhelmed or don’t even know how to do the job, or  where to begin so we don’t start.

I want to tell you, that if you do some things, a little at a time they’ll get done. Even when we aren’t sure how to do them

My daughter has an apartment that she’s been working on so that she can move into it, and one particular job in the kitchen I knew I could help out with.

Repairing a couple of holes, sanding the walls and wallpapering that section.

Included in the video below is an instagram video my daughter took while I was spackling a hole, it became the inspiration for this blog and video.

She asks me while holding the camera, “Is that spackle expired?” And we were laughing! Because the spackle was not going on smoothly and it was crumbling as I was spreading it.

While it didn’t go smoothly the job is going to get done, simply because I made a commitment to begin it and finish it.

It’s not going to get done in one day. And at first I felt like it was going to be a long haul! But I see just doing a little at a time, even though I wasn’t sure completely how to do it, it’s going to get done.

I did a little something one day, and a little something on the next day and with that decision not to stop it will be done this week.

Did you ever stand in a cluttered room and not know where to start so you just walked out of it? I’ve been there! I feel your pain…

I want to tell you that you don’t have to know where to start…  You just have to start.

Here is what I want you to do, set a timer for 15 minutes or even five minutes and pick up something… do something with it. Pick up something else.  Do something with that, and keep going till the timer goes off.

We don’t always have to know exactly what to do to begin. we just have to begin

And if you’re a woman & think something’s a man’s job or that you can’t do it because you’re not a man, or because you’ve never done it before, try this…Think about it differently. Can the things we think be untrue? What if we challenge our beliefs? “I can’t do that” or the belief: “Women can’t do that.”

I have found that freedom is on the other side of challenging beliefs!

For example what I’m doing here, I think of as if I’m frosting a cake. I can frost a cake!

If we look at all jobs that have to be done we can put a different spin on them and we could find a way to make it happy.

But what if you get it wrong like I did? I found out that the spackle wasn’t expired LOL It was grout!

Grout does not work as spackle! (As you can see in the video, although I didn’t realize it at the time, but Emily knew something wasn’t right) When she read the container I got the supposed sparkle from, and saw that it said “GROUT!” we realized what was wrong…

So what I did was, I found the spackle scraped off the grout & did it over… it was a lot easier with the spackle. and it now can be ranked as a happy, funny memory, instead of a dreaded project that was not at all happy.

We have a choice, we can laugh and make our blunders part of a really lovely family or personal memory. Or we could get upset and have a memory of something negative to look back on.

Let’s choose! Let’s decide 🙂 Let’s begin and be OK with getting it wrong. Doing a job wrong is 1005 better than not doing ti at all!

Let me know what you thinK in the comments!